ArcGIS for AutoCAD 300 now available!

For those of you who work with feature data in both AutoCAD and ArcGIS applications, check out the latest installment of the no-cost plug-in ArcGIS for AutoCAD. The CAD team added support for ArcGIS image and feature services. This release also delivers a long requested enhancement to be able to edit and extract geodatabase features from within an AutoCAD session.

You can edit geodatabase features using standard AutoCAD commands, and then push your changes back to the source enterprise geodatabase – provided that you have write permissions. The plug-in manages the data using AutoCAD drawing layers that it creates on the fly and tracks the changes. Any AutoCAD object that is a valid geometry type within the data extent of the service and placed on these layers is accepted as a member of the feature class. When you are finished editing, you can then synchronize your changes with the feature service.

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