ArcGIS Online Credit Budgeting and Allocation Tools

Recently, I gave an overview of ArcGIS Online credits and wrote briefly about some best practices and tools that can help administrators manage credit consumption in their organizational accounts. In this post, I am going to devote a little bit more space to ArcGIS Online’s newest administrative feature, credit budgeting and allocation.

I work a lot with colleges and universities around the world. The administrator of an ArcGIS Online organization in a university faces some unique challenges. They are responsible for managing hundreds to thousands of users and those users are constantly changing roles or leaving the institution semester after semester. For them, the ability to assign credit budgets was hands down the most requested enhancement to ArcGIS Online. The reason being that in restricting the number of credits an individual or group of users can consume, you are able to extend access to more ArcGIS Online functionality without risk of users singlehandedly spending all of your organization’s credits.

The ability to allocate credit budgets to users is a major breakthrough for any ArcGIS Online administrator, regardless of the type of organization. Here’s how it works:

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