Replacing Google Enterprise with OpenGeo Suite

One of the biggest announcements in 2015 was Google’s decision to end support for their Google Maps Engine and Google Earth Enterprise Client solutions.  These solutions allow users to create their own custom maps and globes on private networks, or replace the default content served by Google with content from your own organization.  You can read more about Google’s decision on their blog here and here, and even read an update to Terms of Service last week for Google Earth Pro.  So naturally many of us at Boundless have fielded questions about how OpenGeo Suite could be used to create a replacement or improvement to GME and GEE.   My colleague Sean Brady inked a blog about OpenGeo Suite-based alternatives back in April, so with the beginning of the New Year I thought I would revisit the topic and delve a bit deeper.

At the most basic level, it’s important to understand Boundless has options for recreating and improving the capabilities of Google Earth Enterprise Fusion Server (henceforth called Fusion Server), Google Earth Enterprise Client (henceforth called Google Earth or GEE) and Google Maps Engine (henceforth called Google Maps or GME) clients.  The following paragraphs will illustrate how to use OpenGeo Suite to replace all components.

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