Septentrio PinPoint-GIS Joins Esri ArcGIS Marketplace

Septentrio’s PinPoint-GIS geographical information system (GIS) is now available on theArcGIS Marketplace. PinPoint-GIS enables straightforward GIS data collection, without the need for expensive additional software linking a GNSS receiver with the Esri ArcGIS Platform.

“Integrating ArcGIS functionality into PinPoint-GIS empowers ArcGIS Online users,” says Gustavo Lopez, PinPoint-GIS product manager. “With the click of a button, a PinPoint-GIS user can turn accurate and reliable GIS data collected from their Septentrio GNSS receiver into actionable data needed for smarter decisions, effective analysis and customized maps all within the easy-to-use ArcGIS.”

PinPoint-GIS helps ArcGIS users make informed and timely decisions. It turns GNSS data collected by Septentrio’s receivers such as the Altus NR2, Altus GeoPod and the AsteRx-Uinto actionable GIS data. Height and other project parameters are available directly in the ArcGIS workflow without any additional steps by the user.

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