Student Column: Mapping My Future

By Cameron Lacelle – All my life I have had trouble figuring out who I am and what I wish to do to make my life an admirable one. By examining the opportunities bestowed upon me by Port High since Grade Nine geography, such as preparing for the 2014 ESRI conference and the 2015 ArcGIS Skills Competition, it is crystal clear that these high school opportunities will directly help to drive the future that lies ahead of me.

porthighlogoMy first day of second semester in Grade Nine I had geography…and WOW! Throughout that semester, we learned many fascinating geographic concepts and used a program called Arc Map 10.1 to make our own maps using various types of data. I thoroughly enjoyed the dynamics of that class and thus planned to sign up for every geography course available in my next three years at Port High (not to mention that I worked hard and passed the class with a solid 99%).


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