Adopt a Fire Hydrant App Makes a Splash in Land of 10,000 Lakes

If you drive north on Idaho Avenue North in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, and go about a block past 71st Avenue, you will spot a red fire hydrant on the left side of the street. But it’s not just any ordinary fire hydrant. It’s Squirt, named by Brian, the man who adopted the hydrant using the city’s new online Adopt a Hydrantmapping app.

Brian assumed responsibility for Squirt, promising the Brooklyn Park Fire Department that he would keep the hydrant clear of snow and ice during what’s likely to be a long, cold, snowy Minnesota winter. The agreement is informal and nonbinding—Brian could abandon Squirt with the click of a mouse or a tap on the Abandon me ☹ link. But city GIS coordinator John Nerge says that rarely happens in civic-minded Brooklyn Park unless someone moves.

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