Connect Streams for Salmon Migration

You’ve been hired as the GIS technician for NSLC Adopt A Stream (AAS), which is a program initiated by the Nova Scotia Salmon Association to provide funding and expert knowledge to help community groups improve aquatic habitat in their local watershed. Although the efforts of AAS benefit many types of wildlife, most projects are related to the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), an important game fish native to the province of Nova Scotia. Atlantic salmon populations are in decline due to many factors, one of the most important being habitat connectivity.

Atlantic salmon are a migratory fish species. They are born in freshwater, spend most of their lives at sea, and then return to freshwater to spawn (breed). Salmon favor cool freshwater streams with silt-free substrate and fast-flowing, oxygen-rich water to lay their eggs. When salmon are unable to access suitable breeding habitat due to dams or other obstacles, they breed in unfavorable conditions with lower hatch success.

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