Multivariate Rendering – 2D visualization techniques in JavaScript

Smart Mapping was added to the ArcGIS API for JavaScript in version 3.13 to provide web developers with an easy way to generate renderers with smart, visually pleasing defaults based on data distribution and the basemap.

This new module helps take some of the guesswork out of an otherwise complicated workflow for defining how color and size should be used to visualize attributes. In addition to the renderer generators, Smart Mapping introduced visual variables as an easy way to define color, size and opacity ramps for visualizing numeric data. These ramps can be continuous by setting minimum and maximum values, or they can be used to define class breaks using stops.

What makes visual variables particularly powerful is the ability to create visually appealing multivariate thematic maps with just a few lines of code. The following samples demonstrate how visual variables can enhance the story of your map by unearthing the power of multiple variables in a single visualization.

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