Workforce for ArcGIS Beta 1 Released!

Workforce for ArcGIS will help you plan, monitor and streamline field to office workflows using the ArcGIS platform and we are pleased to announce that the first beta release is available now!

Our beta is open and you can test-drive Workforce by clicking Join Beta Program within our Early Adopter website.

Joining the beta you can pilot Workforce within your ArcGIS Online subscription and start 2016 off with a strong plan for deploying ArcGIS Apps to the field.

What can you do with Workforce for ArcGIS?

You can use Workforce for ArcGIS to coordinate field to office workflows like these:

  • Valve and Meter Inspections – routine maintenance activities require strong coordination between the field and office. Use Collector for ArcGIS or Survey123 to fill out compliance forms and Workforce to coordinate work assignments.
  • Sales Leads – follow up and qualification of a sales lead in a coordinated, timely fashion is critical. Use Workforce to assign and track the qualifications.
  • Downed Trees – when a significant weather event occurs in residential areas, damaged, downed trees can wreak havoc in a community. Workforce can help you coordinate debris removal.
Why join the beta program?
The Workforce beta comes with:
  • Workforce web app – create workforce projects inside your ArcGIS organization and assign work to mobile workers.
  • Workforce iOS app – receive work assignments, complete work using ArcGIS apps
  • Early Adopter web site – read documentation, FAQ’s, log enhancements, communicate with the dev team and other beta testers. Join the community using the beta invite.

We invite you to join the beta, pilot Workforce and provide feedback so that we can make Workforce a powerful, effective solution for your field workflows!