Related Tables – Exploring New Ways to use Collector for ArcGIS

With the 10.3 release of Collector for ArcGIS, you can explore new frontiers with your smartphones and tablets and boldly take field data collection where no one in your organization has taken it before. Yeah that’s pretty geeky but that’s what makes us all GIS heroes, right?

So let’s geek out in this blog article and discuss how you can unlock amazing new opportunities to use Collector on smartphones and tablets by taking advantage of just one new enhancement – added support for related tables.

What’s the big deal about “Related Tables” anyway?

Establishing and maintaining positive relationships are important in life and geodatabase design. We won’t ponder life itself, but let’s spend some time discussing database relationships!

Example: within the lifecycle of a fire hydrant, routine maintenance activities are recorded over time. These maintenance logs or inspections are managed separate of the hydrant itself but are related to it. When viewing an aging infrastructure or planning for changes, you need access to the entire maintenance history. Each inspection is related to the hydrant. Until now these inspections were done using paper and pen – now you can use Collector on a smartphone or tablet device and synchronize directly to your enterprise geodatabase!


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