2016 Scene Viewer Tips and Tricks Series

For 2016, we will be presenting a series of blogs that offer tips and tricks when working with scenes and the scene viewer.  Use these blogs to help you work more efficiently, produce better 3D visualizations, and really harness the power of your 2D and 3D data with the scene viewer.

Scene viewer tips and tricks #1

Global vs. local basemap galleries

Global and local scenes are powerful tools for displaying and sharing 3D content. When working between the two types of scenes, you may notice that certain features behave differently from one type to the other. In this blog, we will be talking about the differences between global and local in the Basemap gallery.

In global scenes, the Basemap gallery allows you to only select Web Mercator basemaps. The scene viewer disables all other basemaps. This means that any configured basemaps in your gallery that are not in Web Mercator are unavailable.

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