Legacy Demographic Maps to be Retired in March 2016

In March, several Esri Demographic layers and maps for the U.S. featuring data from 2012, which have been in mature support and not actively maintained, will be retired. Since 2013, ArcGIS Online has offered a larger collection of U.S. demographic maps and layers that are being actively maintained with updates each year.

The list below provides recommended replacements for many of these legacy demographic maps. These replacements provide access to the most recent U.S. data from Esri as well as additional functionality. For example, you can take advantage of Smart Mapping and change how an attribute is displayed… or even change the attribute to display.

If you have maps or apps that have not yet been updated to use the new demographic maps, Esri recommends updating to the 2015 layers and web maps listed below as soon as possible to prevent any disruption in access.

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