GeoInquiries for US History Five Questions and Answers

Using interactive WebGIS maps in the history classroom just became a whole lot easier.  The classroom teachers quoted above helped field test the recently released US History GeoInquiries, all of which are currently available and ready to use.

Here are five common questions and answers about GeoInquiries that we hope will help you better understand what GeoInquires are and how they can blend neatly with your current classroom practice.

Question 1 – What are GeoInquiries for US History and what topics are covered?

GeoInquiries for US History is a collection of fifteen fast and easy-to-use instructional resources that incorporate advanced web-mapping technology. Each 15-minute activity in the collection contains a teacher’s guide with questions and answers and a professionally designed WebGIS map.  The activities are intended to be presented by the instructor from a single computer/projector classroom arrangement. No installation, fees, or logins are necessary to use these materials and software.

The collection focuses on many of the benchmark events and episodes taught during a typical US history course. Below is the list topics:

•    The Great Exchange (The Columbian Exchange)
•    The 13 Colonies – 1700s
•    The War Before Independence (The American Revolution)
•    The War of 1812
•    Westward, Ho! (Trails west)
•    The Underground Railroad
•    From Compromise to Conflict
•    A Nation Divided: The Civil War
•    Native American Lands
•    Steel and the Birth of a City (natural resources)
•    World War I
•    Dust Bowl
•    A Day that Lived in Infamy (Pearl Harbor)
•    Operation Overlord – D-Day
•    Hot Spots in the Cold War


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